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The Relationship Between Results and Continuous Improvement

“The right relationship between prayer and conduct is not that conduct is supremely important and prayer may help it, but that prayer is supremely important and conduct tests it.”

– Archbishop Temple

I frequently find that the best business wisdom isn’t.  That’s because wisdom, regardless of where it originates, tends to have broad application.

In that vein, I was struck a few years back by the insight in this quote by Archbishop Temple, which places the spirit and caliber of our earnest effort over the ends for which we strive.  Shouldn’t we be thinking about business this way?

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Make No Mistake, We Should Make More

“A man who never makes a mistake never makes anything.”

– Herr Hunt, my third-grade German teacher

When I was in third grade, my teacher invited a guest instructor, Herr Hunt, to come in for a few weeks and teach us a bit about Germany and the German language.  While I’ve forgotten most everything from that experience, save how to count to twenty in German, there was one comment made by our instructor which has never left me.

Whenever Herr Hunt would see that we were afraid to answer a question, he would say, A man who never makes a mistake never makes anything.

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