Business Satisfaction in a Nutshell 

Jim Lilkendey

A friend recently forwarded me a post from Bud Caddell’s What Consumes Me blog.  If you are in business and you are committed to BOTH your business success AND your personal satisfaction you owe it to yourself to take a look at this brief post.

In it, Bud shares a simple, but very insightful Venn diagram that shows the overlaps between your business strengths (What We Do Well), satisfaction (What We Want To Do) and ability to earn (What We Can Be Paid To Do).  From the diagram, we can infer that if you hit the trifecta (meet all three criteria) – Hooray!  You’ve found the formula for business happiness – getting paid to do what you are both passionate about and excel at.

What I really like about the diagram is the obvious importance of the What We Want To Do piece.  As a business owner or leader your satisfaction, and that of your employees requires that you be doing what you want to do.  While doing so does not guarantee business success, failing to do so guarantees consistent dissatisfaction and likely a failure to thrive.  Life is too short to not follow your passion.  Right?  Right!

This diagram really resonates with me because I’m committed to working with my client to improve not just their business performance, but also their satisfaction both professionally and personally.

Kudos to Bud Caddell for boiling down many business books worth of insight and wisdom into a single, concise visual!

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